It really has been months. I am like that inconsistent boyfriend who shows up when he scrolls his phone and finds his new people unavailable. Then it hits him you have been there when he sees your number.

Hey…’s been a minute….

By the 3rd text he says he missed you. Those men, do you know them?

Well, I would love to say that is not how I would want this relationship to run. I want to be able to call you every morning and say I woke up thinking of you. I want to be able to text during my say day just to see how yours is. I want to be able to call you in the evening and listen to you talk about your day, how it was. What made you laugh and most importantly if I made you laugh or if he made you laugh and then you say “he who?” then you laugh which accomplishes my mission then I call it a day.

But again, like that annoying guy I have just described up there, I never lack an excuse you know. To make this relationship what it should be like in m head. They sound like …. I lost my phone, I lost your number, you did not seem interested, she seemed more interesting Work, life, family, I lost my dog, my mum (okay that’s harsh), but come on some say things like that. So for my part, I will not have an excuse. I simply lacked the inspiration for a long time, like a bad marriage, but now I am going to therapy. Sitting on those very comfortable couches, pouring my heart out. Trying to figure out where I went wrong, what I stopped doing. After a lot of hours, and money, I should be fixed.

That effort I put right there should be an apology line to every problem and the world would be a better place! As long as it is not as complicated as my article title.

I know. I was trying to find an edge. Though I could not come up with something to capture everything. I simply threw all I had in my mind in.

Over the weekend, a certain blog caught my eye.  A woman basically exploding. Telling all her thoughts on what she thinks about men. Most importantly, Kenyan men. This was never ends. Every morning we wake up and someone has something new to complain about the other sex. It is tiring. It is like math, and I love math but this war….I can’t. Anyway, the lady caused a twitter war lodged against her by the men of course and eventually a man did the male society justice and blogged a reply ….it was just utterly senseless in my opinion. The war I mean not the blog.

I am finally reading “Gone Girl”. It is getting into my head. I think I am still at the good parts, because for some reason I cannot understand why people think Amy is bat shit crazy! I think she is a very thoughtful woman who puts in so much effort to make the marriage work. No spoilers pleasee….no one should tell me where she got to be crazy. Or maybe I am bat shot crazy, and well I relate to her and can’t see it.

Nick is an asshole! I mean Amy is really trying! Tell me you were joking when you said she was crazy! Tell me you were joking because I cannot believe you would condemn a woman trying this hard in a relationship

I sent this text this morning.

She…the recipient not Amy…..replied

Amy is nice, of course Nick is an asshole

I squinted then thought I should finish the book. She could either

A) Be messing with my head

B) Be as crazy as Amy……and I (Laughs)

C) Know that Amy is nice and Nick is an asshole…indeed

As women, we are tuned to always siding with other women. It is the universal law so do not blame me but just listen

One of my basic fundamentals is I believe in relationships, in dating, in love and marriage, in courtship. I am a believer that it is never as bad as Njoki Chege puts it above in her blog or as the respondent in the blog….I never even bothered with his name, he annoyed me just for picking on another woman. I am not a romantic or then again I may be. I think all this hate we spew towards each other is utterly unnecessary. I do agree with Njoki, some how these men got lazy along the way and forgot basic fundamentals. I have something against every woman who raised an eye brow and judged her. Simply because, I agreed with her on a lot of things…like this whatsapp nonsense……I hate that thing. The other reason is simply because everybody should be welcome to their opinion and goddamn have to respect it…and no I will not respect the respondents opinion! I should really learn his name

I am honest, on the little things that I love and want in life. I like the morning and evening calls. Can we just all admit that there is something thoughtful when someone makes you the center of their world! I hear that little voice you all want to whisper and tell me “Stop Dreaming” I will not stop dreaming. I am so girly and it is the one element that I will not lose. I believe all relationships should be based on the basis of love and respect…then rich, charming and romantic immediately after. Again let us all be really honest. We all love money. When a guy hits on you and has quite some money it is a plus. Especially when this money is not spent on phoney dates and other women I do not see the point in one calling another a gold digger. If you do not like money we would also respect that and well have you toil through poverty you know. Simply I get where she is coming from. Dating these days has been reduced to this:

Lol, I would also be of the same opinions if I were in this sort of date!

Times have changed. Women have taken up feminist roles and earn their fair share of income. They do not feel the necessity of having a man take care of them anymore but a man should be able to actually take care of a woman without calling her a gold digger. As long as there is a mutual understanding of gender roles in the situation though. I know women can be a bit hard to read at times, hard to understand and then one day something happens and you run away saying she was bat shit crazy. I do not think there is any woman in this world who would do something so surreal…and yes I totally know how to use the word surreal…haha…without having been provoked. Not just provoked, provoked and ignored.

I mean men can sit and talk about how crazy women can be. How they can be unreasonable. How women are simply pure nags and you cannot figure them out. Men out here purely in hate with their wives it is simply exhausting. When you are bored at some meet up next simply say the word “Men” “Women” “Relationships & Marriage” or all three at a go… me, never a dull moment. This is where every single person will give you an opinion all negative of who they know and who they do not.