The one on the left..

So one day in class I have a new “desk mate” to my left, to my right, someone is always there. I am reading a newspaper, doing a crossword on the daily nation. There is something about a girl reading a newspaper in a crowd of students that makes me feel smart, not that I’m not, okay, smarter. My left hand newbie likes papers too, crosswords which I’m doing too and there and then a bond is forged. So apart from crosswords we mention random stuff, turns out most were common. It seemed like those first dates people try to impress each other, at laughing at lame jokes as well as good jokes………. Point is it went to crosswords, to books, to art , to columnists, to blogs and this is how the conversation goes,

“…………………..  and blogs? Do you read blogs?”

“yes, I do.”  I’m beaming proudly; it is a head to head match

“What is your favorite blog?”

“Any that talks about Apple’s losses, Man united losses as well”

I wasn’t trying to still act smart, there’s an unspoken enemity between Samsung and apple loyals plus I have a certain dislike for anyone cheering Man united, they turn out to loud, too loud.

“Do you read Biko zulu?”

“Who’s Biko Zulu?”

“He is a blogger”

“No, but I know a columnist, Saturday nation Jackson Biko, Oyunga Pala’s replacement”

“But that’s Biko Zulu”

“Ooooo, leftie you are such a show off, fine you win.

So if you like Jackson, you will love Biko Zulu, there are no editors in the blog”

So now, I immediately looked up Biko Zulu and I read the first and second and ummmmph…………… I was impressed. Then I got more blogs and since then my reading culture was nourished.

Why do I want to blog, well I got tired of journals, I love the much a few words can create. I have opinions to share with myself and you. There are a million blogs out there but once in awhile in this “Me” world of talking to myself I wouldn’t mind if you listened to my opinions. Finally, “leftie” inspired me but that’s a post for another time cheers!!!


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