I have a journal, need I mention it’s pink. Aaah, I am such a girl after all, you know. Anyway I have a journal, I have also been keeping a diary since……. Since…..  Wait my memory is a bit foggy (or I am a little embarrassed about this). At the end of this excuse, point being driven home is paper and pencils (underline pencil) are the two things I see and my eyes bulge and the excitement. The things I would do with them…. Hehehe, yes all pervs you are welcome. So my transition has been long…. A pocketbook, a diary, a journal and yes a blog. Coming up with the idea of having my own blog was….. not totally me. I think I’m the girl who cannot commit suicide (forgive the metaphor, but just listen)….. I would climb to the highest floor but I wouldn’t take the leap, why? Jeez…… that is some fall without control and no I cant take that. So back to the comparison, I toyed with the idea, mentioned it a few (okay a lot). But never really went through with it so one day someone asks what username I would use and sets it up and viola!!! The effect I talk a lot so of course I wasn’t scared I might run out of words…. Soon…. I mean even the wittiest and literature intellects have a block. I mean. But criticism….. that is some scary shit!!! But then one of favorite bloggers said:

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain”

That’s deep… hahahaha. Okay but I find inspiration from words carefully placed to make sense. So the first post on a blog should be why I am blogging….. it’s simply because words make sense to me so I love writing, but I can’t write on my journal anymore because when I want to have conversations by myself, I will tweet. And because its about time I learn to take some criticism. But mostly it will be because I will listen to a song (oooh, me and music, is a whole day of explaining), but I will listen to a song, or read a book, or spot something or someone and I will want to tell someone about it….. so I will write here.


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