So vast a reader I am, my favourite pullout in newspapers is The Saturday Magazine. So am reading through columns and a feature catches my eye:


I had a grin on my face judging as in a couple more years I shall be reading that article and judging myself for being single. Wait, why is it a crime to be thirty and still single again? More importantly is why such articles are purely biased against women. I mean last I checked theres a ratio that implies insufficient men for women present and to add on this the new breed of men are the aloof ones not settling so why is it that its women given a keen eye on how they are to blame for bing single…..what if, just what if the ratio means that i dont have a match?

Welcome to the new century where ideologies make the world go round. Tribalism is an ideology and the way its greatly affected the country. The whole “Bad-Boy” breed is the biggest ideology that I must say I loath with my all. But what I have to admit what I loath more is the fact that its believed that all women chase after those so called bad boys and they do so because they believe they can change them. I beg to be an exception…..why, I love challenges, not in chasing bad boys, bt if theydid exist…if they just did, I officially volunteer to be the female representative of this “Try Me” species. Lets start, i dont think theres anything as a bad boy or girl (there are dibs for those too), just because you play with peoples feelings and sleep in different beds every night doesnt even give you that title….you are just trying to fabricate what you really are in what you deem as cool. As my favourite blogger, Biko Zulu, says “If you were looking for a bad boy you will find your way to kariobangi, get those men who chew on toothpicks and they dont even say much to begin with” (not in the exact words). Wait I wouldnt know where to find the bad girls though, Biko doesnt give a location…haha.Ihave also never understood why guys think they use women esp in matters of sex, true women attach emotions, bt I once heard something quite holarious. If your ear is itchy and u use a cotton bud to stop the itch, is it the bud or your ear that gets the satisfcation? i mean think about it. But if  I were a girl and I met a boy who calls himself bad, I would date him to out him for the fake he is, such a shit talker!!! These bad boys are the biggest talkers of all time and experience has it that loud mouths are the biggest fakes they are too busy trying to impress to be real.

The pressure women are under in this world is just tremendous. Tradition says you have to get married,so woe unto you who is single at 30. To be a good wife you have to cook and clean like your mother. Dont drink like your father, doesnt make you cool. Then you dont drink and you are such a stiff, You Only Live Once, enjoy life, smoke some illegal stuff, which again makes you non marriage material. Men like independent women these days so go study, but be sure not to study too hard and have a good job better that his cause its emasculating, you have to be a surbodinate. If you stay home cooking and cleaning like your mum, you are too needy and lazy. Then if you spend all your time studying it will reach an age you are too late in the settling down category….ummmph, do we ever win? it is a mans world as they say.

I dont like things that make my life hard, if am 30 and unmarried, thats just the situation as it is. Maybe the ratio as I said just rendered me single and well I dont batt for the other team. But isnt that just amazing cause I have the biggest Ocd of all time I doubt i can coexist peacefully with fellow mortal in my house, i hear men leave toilet seats up…you mess with a bathroom av cleaned in sweat, this means war for me, just ask my family. They leave their socks everywhere…..ummmh did I just adopt a 2 year old who doesnt know where dirty laundry should be set, no. Well the only problem might be getting laid, I mean lets be honest with each other here, sex is king. But I hear guys are into cougars, apparently they are independent and dont require much from them, really? Isnt that just a fair excuse to say you are lazy and love financial support? Finally, as I mentioned earlier I always route for love. I wont get married just because someone somewhere decides that I shouldnt be single by 30. When you have tasted the goodness of love you cant settle for anything less, and when you do you just have alot of misplaced anger. I think the only misplaced anger allowed is when your mother didnt hold you enough or held you to much…lmaaooooooo. I am surrounded by alot of bad marriages due to reasons I cant begin to understand but unlike the rest I wont say marriage is a sham, ill say people are getting into it for the wrong reasons, but if you happen to do…sign the prenup.


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