Album Review: “BORN TO DIE”

I once upon a time said me and music is a whole day story right…right.. so I do have quite a collection, every song has its story. Every song might represent a breakup, a makeup, a new phase, a bad one, therefore my collection should tell my life story.

The amazing Lana Del Rey!!!! She is back in studios working on a new album, and I have to mention this album, the current one before something more phenomenal comes out. Its been a while since I listened to an album and not skip a track. My siblings make fun of the fact that I am always getting full albums, their story is a couple of songs can be good but not all so great. I support the effort, I think so much goes to fumbling around with words to make things matter. Words are big, in my world, words speak louder than actions. A couple of words put together can move me….it is hard to move me but words can….the little things *squeals!*

So Born To Die…..Out of date and awkward, tread carefully, I think when all your dreams are fulfilled you trace back and look at the few things you missed, when everyone has seen the what new can offer its good when someone takes you back. “Video Games” struck a nerve, indeed it did, first song I heard, oh you should know I am a discoverer *if that’s a word* and when I heard this song it was a soundtrack in an episode of something, how I discover all these things but it struck a nerve. It was an introduction, to Lana and it also was different. People say “sweet as honey” but she says “sweet as cinnamon”, by a show of hands who finds cinnamon sweet again? That line has never made sense to me, and that’s how different she is. She came with a buzz, her videos are so controversial, creating a stir.

“Money is the reason we exist/ Everybody knows that it’s a fact/ Kiss kiss”. Theme…drugs, sex, lust…… hoovering lust, Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy, a hood black president with an uptown wife. That’s the statement, that’s her signature and as much as it seems like am against this, recall I said amazing “she”. Am not a judge, but , maybe its how we live these days. When she popped, she was trending on twitter as the next Adele but the hate was vast, could not understand why but this is me, I love different. I think its sexism, all hip hop videos are oozing sex, drugs and last but if a girl is straightforward about it its wrong, though at the end of the day I have to admit that there’s a thin line between femininity and sexual object and her music treads on this line thinly.Though to be honest, maybe this goes back to the point of how we live. Us girls… “This is what makes us girls/ We don’t stick together ’cause we put our love first” I wasn’t writing a fighting for our rights paper but then if i were i would have much to say about it. Once upon a time a guy was surprised that my best friend and I have been constant without major breaks for long, he says its unlike girls.

The critic Ellen Willis once wrote of Bette Midler: “Blatant artifice can, in the right circumstances, be poignantly honest, and she expresses the tension between image and inner self that all of us– but especially women– experience”. I will leave the comments for negative criticism at that.

I have favorites, “Radio”, “Off to the Races”, “What Makes us Girls”, “Dark Paradise”, “Video Games”. In finality I think its her chord progression, her lyrics and melody that makes  me close my eyes and listen and yearn for more. I give it  7/10. 3 Songs did flop for me.


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