So we are walking on the streets, a normal evening, and flower stands are all over…..then out of the blue he decides to approach one, he buys a stalk of rose, a white one i think, that’s what made it unique, as he is turning around to present it, he notices there’s no one next to him…..that was exactly one year ago. We have a good laugh about it as we reminisce on this day. The minute he made a stop, I saw it coming so I walked with this tag on my face “I DONT KNOW HIM”. Anyway in the spirit of being nice I did wait for him…..and the rose…..a few steps forward, in a darker zone, stashed the flowers in something and continued with the walk. Oh dont worry I actually wrapped it up nicely and when I got home I did get some water for it and it did flourish for a few hours then it withered away, you win, i just cant take care of these things…… ha-ha what is wrong with me? I am glad he knew me, I am glad he got me and never took offence and as a joke on me I did get flowers today during light hours and this time there was no walking steps ahead to wait, but just as precaution he took it upon himself to stash them until i was around….what next will we be wearing red on valentines? I feel like black cupid

*Laughing Quietly To Myself*. Okay that might be a it extreme but am a really shy girl when you put me on the spot like that, me having to walk around with flowers like every single girl in town would just embarrass me major? I am the girl who would rebel against going to town on that day, and i wouldn’t wear any trace of red…..keep in mind that i loooove red and that am catholic but no that’s takes a pair of mature balls and that I dont have….literally.

The pressure we put men under on these day, oh I like why men do it….I mean protecting future interests right? I mean you dont want to sleep on the couch for the night yet its the night of spreading love. But I think  so many breakups happen on this day even more than the other ones, speaking of which after midnight tonight my phone book gets trimmed, i am that serious. IMAX is fully booked, wine shelves are empty, chocolate bars are almost done and wait….men wore red today, that i almost choked on. My favourite holiday is not Valentine, its my birthday, and its been  made to a holiday, and if you dont as much as text me on  that day you are on my blacklist. My next best holiday is Easter, so then you might get why I am not warm towards this. To digress, I find it ridiculous that lent started yesterday and today is valentine. Lent is all about fasting and ABSTINENCE……mmmmh Ill leave that at that. So IMAX is overbooked? Why? Men, a few tips over here, I wouldn’t be dragged to IMAX even when tied with ropes to watch that movie as a valentine date! BE SERIOUS! First that whole “Its a good day to die HARD” is too suggestive and controversial, if you need to think about that then you probably wont get it. Hence it is bound to be full of lovebirds swooning and kissing cause half the movie doesn’t require their attention, do all of us who dont have lovebird syndrome need our lawyers to fight for our rights. My PDA allergy causes me to blush when people start being cosy around me, so I probably dont find this Thursday “A good day to die HARD”. That was a lame valentines gift and am bitter about it, I could think of a million other options. Anyway men are bad with gifts, half the time they think monetary angles when I think thoughtful things do count more than money value….unless of course its a hotel room overlooking the ocean, there then in my book you SCORE!!!! And will be abundantly rewarded…..take a guess.

With gift ideas in my head for this day I would so cancel all of them when I end up in that movie theater. I am so bitter about it, that’s an anti-valentine plot for us who were anti valentine unless they mean to say IMAX wants to prove that, that many people were against valentine this year. By now I all know you must all be interested in these gift ideas I have in mind. First of all they are lady thoughts and if you are a lady and need to be given ideas on gifts for your man then maybe you dont deserve him in the first place. No poems though, I dont get poems, but here is how far thoughts should go,once upon a time on this day, i sipped wine listening to a piano sound and just that counted for thought. So to you guys who feel like its a day for women to drain their finances, its not that, just put a little more effort to it. That said, all of you, have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!




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