What The Elections Taught Me

Last time I wrote about happening, one of my readers told me my article lacked the lustre it always has, for the record, I disagree but before you go on, this is one of those articles and you should stop if you share that opinion.

It’s a Wednesday, just 2 days after I practised my civil right and voted….wait did I vote, well I did but my niece and I voted. Long story, she is a mini me. At 11am, we went to the polling station, queue was mad but she said we will wait, she just turned 6, she is supposed to be impatient and stubborn, but she waited, and my voters card, the paper thing, she took as her id, she showed everyone who cared to listen. The excitement on her face as we neared was just beyooond. She kept peeking to see what goes on inside and making funny comments and she kept whispering “Tusiambie mtu tutavotia nani…hiyo ni me na wewe”. She would point out at dummy ballot papers that were on walls asking while Raila’s photo wasn’t there just funny questions, guys in the line cracked up a lot. Many at times I thought she should rest I pointed out sitting areas, she wasn’t letting up….we finally got there and she was beaming, got our papers, she rushed to a booth and picked the pen. I bet the observers in their head thought “This is how spoilt votes are obtained”. Just so I am clear, none of mine was. She had ink on her nail, we left and she made sure to tell everyone she had voted. She called up her dad and mum to give the good news….that was on Monday. Why am I getting a call on Wednesday, she is doing her assignments and she is being stubborn. I get the call when she is stubborn, is it an aunt thing, maybe. I just know me and her….we are best friends, her words. Story is, a question asks “Who is the president of Kenya”. I bet you all know what she wrote and when she was corrected she refused to change it. She said when the results would be out by the time she was going to school and then she would just be right after all. Well I didn’t find a reason to convince her of anything, I actually laughed it off…how do I end up being best friends, cause I don’t treat her as a child and sometimes I let her roll with her decisions, so I said good.

Fast forward, her birthday was this past Sunday, she turned 6. Mood was sombre, no one wanted to throw her a party and when we tried convincing her that she should wait a week, she said she was born on 10th not a week later, it turned out to be a good time for her, but then anything that renders a girl having presents is a great say for her, I am craaaazy about presents! She got a bike and I am teaching her to ride….we are resting for a bit and so I ask “Chernelle, who is the president of Kenya” and with a smile on her face she says “Raila Amolo Odinga”. Then she got up and went to her bike. I sat in wonder for a bit. Most of us were here sad and loud on social media and with our fellow mates that we could find but Chernelle amazed me. In that moment I knew, Raila might have lost in the so called “tyranny of numbers” but he has won for us. If he can make a 6 year old this convinced, then whatever happens now he has done his work, he has won for Kenya. When my character grows up, I would want it to be him.

Now why did I write this article, I felt like I have a few things to note. The elections period was just amazing judging from the rate at which so much in me changed. We held quite peaceful elections; all people could say was #ChaguaPeace. The rage on social media on the other hand was something to be amazed at. I have my 8 cents worth of opinions and thoughts about it but during this time I will keep it to myself, much has already been said. With heads held up high, we swallowed pride and said okay. But in any argument I have with anyone in my life, it is the day that I don’t yell back that you should worry that things are worse than they have ever been. Who knows how this ends, but I know the rift is greater than ever, why, because I am the most open minded person who says people should be welcome to their opinion, but this time I took people’s opinions personally. I still am holding to them and whatever the motivational books say about letting the anger go, I choose to hold on, why, as much as everyone is welcome to their opinion it doesn’t give you a right to say even things you can’t take back. I find it distasteful that someone could take their time to say such bashing things about Raila, makes me wonder which part of Kenya you live in. You might not agree with his socio economic stands but I think it’s a bit immature to air some very annoying comments about him. The funniest I heard was someone once told me they have never heard anything positive about him, and someone please tell me, what’s this issue that it makes you less of a man when you choose to keep your foreskin intact? Enhe? That…… that was a low blow!

So what did the election teach me, that I thought I knew literate and people I respected but it took a week to change my opinion about them. Not because we have difference in political opinions, but just because they chose to express it in a way that I think was immature. On a light note though, I learnt that in Kenya, the latest fleet of range rover isn’t no longer deemed as the mark of self importance, but helis…are in a big way!


Whats on my playlist….alot of Liquid Deep, I regret not going for the concert


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