So she has a page on Facebook and I really don’t agree with much of her view on stuff. I have to acknowledge her writting is brave though so I hit her up, asked her to bang a few words and post….she sent asking that i add or subtract a few, I thought that would make it mine not hers…so here she goes. 


Once she gets attached,
she’s loyal,
she’s committed,
she’s honest,
she’s faithful,
she’s dependable,
she’s caring.

But you know what comes with that?
She’s jealous,
she’s clingy,
she’s annoying,
she’s over protective ,
she’s emotional,
she’s crazy.

You could push her away,
but she’ll still come back to you.
You could piss her off,
but she can never stay mad at you.
You could lie to her,
but she’ll still try to trust you.
You could keep making mistakes, but she’ll forgive you over & over again.
She has no dime but she can save the little she gets to call you,
text you just to know how you are doing.
You could make her hate you,
but she’ll start loving you all over again.
If you have got such a kind of girl or lady,
just don’t let her go.
Do whatever it takes for both of you to last forever.
If you pissed her off,
Go and apologize to her,
if you have been disrespecting her,
dude just cease that.
Make her feel special if you truly love her.
You may take her for granted now but once she goes out of your life that’s when you will realize what
she meant to you.
You’ll miss her,
cry and plead for her butshe will be gone forever.
So if you still have that chance use it.

Her facebook page is Stacious


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