So to all those on “twirra” you definately did have this trend for a day and what it was fun. So my blog idea today is based on that and borrowed ideas from a fellow blogger. So I picked two of my tweeps…..don’t I feel all urbane already….so each has rules to their questions.

Questions by @AkloHOLYc(previously refferd to as Mr. X) to Moi (@TheBarb_)

Rule:Don’t ask why a specific question was asked

1)if u could change something in your life what would it be
My career path at the moment, ad think more passion and fun and not smart and books
2)when was the last time u experienced a (blue bean)
Probably now
3)what do you think would be the best direction for the country from its current state after the elections
Alot of inter tribal intermarriages….lmaooo…..okay serioulsy alot of apologies, starting with one to the Hon. Raila Odinga
4)name 5 things u regret in life
Regrets are overrated….I think present and future than past
5)presently what is the one thing you fear most if it happened
That am the only one who focuses much on the life after and that I may end up in heaven alone without all of you…..you wonder why I directly said heaven I bet…am hopeful like that
6)which do you prefer between blow jobs or hand jobs
BLOOOOOOW jobs, jeeez the effect is just beyond and am a pleaser.
7)have you ever strung somebody along
I walk around with a placcard noted Honesty and Integrity first on my forehead I cant afford to lie…..
8)what would u do if u knew your most favourite athlete (male) was gay
I would make him an UNFAVOURITE
9)a jock or a nerd which would u rather date
A nerd……I love nerd..think Spencer on Criminal Minds
10) if u could tell me anything random that u have never told me what would it be
A simple apology goes a long way than any threats or points to be made
My Questions to @AkloHOLYc
Rule: No Tagbacks on questions
1. Post 10 random things about yourself
he words define me : understanding, critical,impatient, hardworking, open minded, soft spoken, forgiving, logical, watchful
2. What is your take on Religion. God and Satan. Heaven and Hell.
Religion is a necessity in the growth of human beings, whats the point of living without nothing to believe in
3. What is your opinion of the just concluded 2013 elections?
it was revolutionary moment in our history where the people chose not to turn on each other, tho not perfect but was a start.
4. Do you love a gazelle or a tiger in a girl?
(weird question, gazelle or tiger in a girl????) if i was to pick an animal it would b the tiger but i would love the girl
5. What is the top thing on your “Cancer List”
 Hmmmmmm…. tooo weird to share
6. Do you like sex? Whats your number btw?
OF-COURSE completely addicted to it
7. Where do you like to kiss (Interprate however you will) haha
the lips (im old fashioned like that)
8. Post 10 random things regarding your view of me..character, physical
slender,tall, fit, beautiful,self concious, happy, out going, critical,logical
9. What is the most stupid pick up line you have ever used on a girl?
“Hey there goldilocks iv got something for you not too hard not too soft but just right” if u catch my drift 😉
10. What do you think the purpose of these questions were?
Get opinions or views of issues amid other questions

nb: everyone makes their rules and mine are no tagbacks on questions
Questions by @sankaraobiero to Me
Rule: Truth
1. What the story behind the name Shirley?
Coined from Salome…..long traditional story….but now its my confirmation name
2. If you were a boy….?
Already discussed it a few posts ago…..
3. Tell me your most dirty little secret
Then it ceases to be a dirty little secret….noooo?
4. What the weirdest thing you have ever done while drunk or high ?
Got home with one shoe side and thats all I remember….
5. What your favorite sex positions. (You can use diagrams…*:> smug 
I am quite open minded regarding that…take notes…..I am very very veeeeery physically fit
6.What would change about me if any at all ?
I would just make you more straight regarding what you want
7. Five Relationships you wish never happened and why…need not be a boy girl relationship
Five is a lot….okay now even if i name names how would this work…you wouldn’t know them
8. What the one moment in your life to date do you treasure most
aaaaah when I 
9. Ten things you hate mostly in life
I loathe lies, after that then maybe posers, loud people, everyone who says twirra, wears coloured skinnies(read mean), disses religion(subject to be discussed), Judgemental people, cold or rain, lack of taste in clothes and finally WAR HORSE (WORST MOVIE OF THE YEAR)
10. Illuminati fiction or fact..?
Fact, the devil does exist you know
My Questions to @sankaraobiero
Rule: No Tagbacks on questions
1. Post 10 random things about yourself

    • Believe in the good of mankind but just don’t trust the devil in them
    • A big Liverpool fan
    • Believe no mans fate is predestined and we create our own fate
    • love a girl who can cook\
    • History nerd 
    • Love a girl who can cook better than me 
    • love girl
    • Believe gay people are mental and naturally can’t happen
    • A catholic not strict but one the least 
    • Treasure my friends and family

2. What is currently the soundtrack of your life….whats it sentimental value?

  • Ferre Gola VIta Iman…just love the song and reminds me of my late farther

3. What is your opinion of the just concluded 2013 elections?

  • It was rigged and democracy is on trial: They were messed up big time and tore the country into two divides plus think cord blew it and their strategy was kinda messed up

4. She watches football, she drink beer, she is loud, she is political, she has the best replies to all these weave jokes….whats your take on the new female species? 

  • Point me to her direction please cause this is a girl I can date n does she also hate mexican telenovela?

5. Love makes the world go round…discuss.

  • Love is a word to me what matters is the connection it brings cause what really makes the world work is money and influence over power

6. Whats the one bro code that you dont support?

  • Can’t groove with your boys sister…what if she is hot ?

7. Where do you like to kiss (Interprate however you will) haha

  • Well that’s great I like to start with the lower lip n then upper lip  then a deep kiss and then slowly move my tongue over the lips then go for the neck gently suck the earlobes as I move my hand to the waist then slowly move down the collar bone then to the boobs then slowly over the nipples then down to the waist and then thighs n then ….in short I like kissing the whole body depending on limits given.

8. Post 10 random things regarding your view of me..character, physical

    • Nice eyes and sweet voice
    • a bit impatient
    • Most photogenic girl I know
    • Photo addict
    • Make one strive to be the best cause thats what you demand nothing but best
    • one girl that can love well and also hate with equal measures
    • bold to try out this questions and answer thing
    • Great kisser
    • Once you start something you put your heart into it and stive to succeed in it failure is just not in you.
    • Believe you are the one that got away

9. So have you been to a strip club….I bet yes…whats the naughties thing you did there?
 YES…when was mucking around in uni…Lap dance that made me hard and nearly came on myself was kind of in a dry spell then…  
10. What do you think the purpose of these questions were?

Well….this was fun, should do it more often….happy read to all

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