My Love Chronicles: Part 1

What’s on my playlist…….Lana Del Ray “Born to Die Album”

1st, I don’t even think my review did this album justice, I can’t explain why am still too hooked to it. To steal a line from her song, I think my life is as sweet as vanilla….okay wait, I don’t like vanilla or anything sweet for that matter, and am not dark, I just have health issues, so my life is as sweet as music. If I were deserted in an island, the only thing I would want to have with me is an iPod with the largest space and too much music.  I heard that without music, life would be a mistake. For the past how many months I have had a list of 10 or less songs in my phone and I had to settle with radio music or something, why, my temperamental phone just started acting up and formatted everything and rejected my memory storage. It’s like the phone rejected the storage’s request of “Amicus Phonae” aaah my life became a mess for a while! Then did I mention that my life is just awesome……I have music….earphones on and the whole day has been a Lana Del Ray day! All of you who haven’t given this album a listen, start with “Without You”, a monster love song…see I told you I get love!

So back to my life, it’s the 2nd last day of March and this is the one month that things did matter in my life. I have loved every day of this month except school. I am not a March person but this month…..this was like the cream on the top top top of the cake! I say this when I haven’t even seen April but who knows, I have learned to live life in the current time +/- 10 minutes. I am doing some very crazy dance moves on this bed. Now, a few weeks ago a conversation happened. Those moments when these long lost acquaintances show up with vibes like “It’s been a while….” And me being me I would have a snappy reply to it but this time I held back, talk talk talk and a meet up date was set. You should know that this acquaintance isn’t just an acquaintance but to be honest he is like my oldest or my first guy friend when I was still young and lost. Trust that this article is not about this guy but about love. Wait, not me and him in love, but if we are, haha. This article is about Love and the amazing month of March 2013.

So a coffee date ended up with me getting to meet his girlfriend, *sharpest pain in my heart*. Whenever I get calls from old mates (I feel so English) I dress up, esp. if its old mates with a history, like am trying to say “If you could see me now”. I showered, I shaved, I wore a skirt….the effort! Then he says girlfriend, looks like my game has just become a bit too rusty or something! My inner “goat” was super stunned and I was thinking she better be a supermodel.

My playlist just changed to Gotye-Making Mirrors

So he has to pick her up from a class therefore I had to go too, plus I had to size up *whispers* my present competition! Okay, I have stopped. We went to pick this mami up and here is where my story starts, when she came over, it was all warm hugs and pecks on the cheek…wait was it lips *too shy, I looked away* and greetings like “Hey babe…blah blah blah”. Hold up; for a 2nd I was lost thinking wait what? That’s how my “game on” moments just ended….I have to come clean now, I wasn’t making a move on him or anything this is my oldest pal we had lost touch and my Monday was made by the mere fact that we were having coffee but this scene just added a bonus. I said my goodbyes and started walking home, alone, I don’t mean to hint that am CoughLonelyCough…well cause am not, recall my amazing life?

Okay you can all admit that this Gotye’s album is for the chosen few, am not feeling it

My long walk turned to be a blog article in the making. Those two have dated for two years and still remember the little things, I am jealous on a large scale.  That there is love and I don’t think the shortest skirt could be an addendum to it, and if it ever was well I’ll have to knock some sense into this guy…unless of course it’s the girl who reacted to the short skirt, there then we might have a problem…hehe.

#NP Nicki Minaj- Pink Friday, Roman Reloaded

Ladies and gentlemen, why would someone want to settle for anything less than that? So the people around me are amazed by this fact that after a breakup I can stay months, or years without even bothering to get into something. One of my learned friends (let’s blame the law proceedings on TV), looked me straight in the eye and boldly asked me something like if I ever plan on getting married? Why? I hear I have a formula where people have to fit in…..keep in mind I have never considered bank accounts or the likes and he dares to tell me something like that. That aside, I think I have finally figured it out. It’s not that it takes me long to move on and that their story is you are only young once you get hit on a limited span blah blah blah. When I start living life like that is the day I would betray everything I believe in.

I think marriage is beautiful, my religion makes it become quite a sacrifice so I believe in it and I will get married. I think people have resigned to not taking relationships seriously that is why you will make a statement like you only get hit on when you are young, and when I see people who make it work, it makes me happy. It makes me jealous too, I can’t deny because I look at that and I wish I had something that good and steady. I think playboys are just boys who don’t want responsibility and they excuse that with their “I cannot get attached” attitude. I fancy when someone calls me up in the morning, or evening. Someone who makes my heart flutter just by thinking of them. I think that’s beautiful especially if it’s a 2 way street. Someone who gets music as much as I do, actually I once had that, and it could be as simple as sending the other a link and message would be passed across. I want it to be such that two years down the line it looks like we just met, and still remember the little things that matter, that even when it gets too bad, I will have the energy in me to fight for what we had, at the end of the day it always gets bad. I think more than a partner, a friend is the greatest investment and when you get both in one…. you just struck a goldmine. That I can call you any minute of the day and whether you listen or not (just make sure you act like you are), I will feel better whining about my bad day, or just the mere fact that I talk to you about everything. That person who can stand his ground when wrong, call me on my BS and who can quickly apologize when he is on the wrong, I hate this “waiting for you to cool down” theory….with me time is directly proportional to how worse you are making the situation. I do have a list…a long one…I think most importantly, someone who is honest, that the day it’s not working anymore we can be honest about it and leave with dignity intact.

So if those qualify as bars set too high, then I won’t get married, but the good thing is I know the guy I will date will deserve me and I will deserve him.

What’s on my playlist……Jason Mraz-I won’t give up


2 thoughts on “My Love Chronicles: Part 1

  1. This deserves a stand up ovation 🙂 loved it..especially the marriage talk,well written..L-O-V-E-D I-T..

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