There is this boy……my…did I chase that boy! Huh! Was it worth it, for the time…sort of. Do I have any regrets? No. Would I do it again…..hell no! No No No, I do not have it in me to run such a marathon. Why does this boy get a mention, yes a mention, cause like hell this blog would be about him *bitterness? no?* because when things went sour it was cc of one of his “Bros“, a so called best friend. Funny, this previous night he dumps me, and the next day via Facebook he and his bro are arranging a meet up! (I think it was so that I see it, I mean these two had each others digits, right? right?) I should have torched the house, I should have bleached his clothes but no my pride couldn’t let me. The best I did is block both of them on Facebook, I felt like I was set up, conceded defeat and crawled back to a cave. I am not waiting for any revenge moments, I simply moved on. What was everyone telling me, Bros Over Hoes…..its the…..*drum rolls please*…..

*rolls eyes*

Article 11 of the bro code:

“A bro may help another bro to move on” I wonder how. Maybe that’s what the meeting was for, how gay!

I have a certain affiliation to hanging out with lots of bros. Lets just say 80% of my friend ratio is based as guy species. Why? The relationships are so simple I say its a lie alot. Its not on the basis of love, more of convenience.  Bros are “bitches” to other women but so loyal to their bros, it makes me wonder why they can’t just date their bros then, it would be a happy world wouldn’t it? I agree that us women, we throw each other under the bus alot, like alooooot especially for a boy.  Though I think thats where the test of true friendship comes in.

No.1 A man doesn’t sleep with his friend’s ex

This is the rule of all rules. No matter how hot she is or how much you always wanted to tap that, you, as a real man and keeper of the code, will not sleep with your friend’s ex-girlfriend, ex-wife or ex-anything. There’s no time frame until she’s available, this isn’t hunting season. Banging the ex of a buddy is like sticking a knife (or your penis) in his back. Be a man and fight the urge to hook up.

*raises hand* question, does anyone really believe this happens? really? I doubt……men are such #teammafisi i doubt the credibility of this. Recently I was having a conversation with an ex…..not the one discussed above…and they aren’t that many lest you start raising brows. So its regarding some party I went to and his best bud (In the bro world I hear there are no besties, just “my boy”), so his boy was there, or best boy? lmaoooo. Point is this guy was at the party, and he is looking for dirt. Goes like “So who made a move on you?”. He and i sort of share quite an unhealthy relationship, such discussions do happen. I go like it was your party full of your buddies…then he goes like “Not even subject A?”, subject A IS THE BEST BOY, WHAAAAT? So if he can ask this whats up with these rules of all rules?

No.2 A man has his friends’ back

Fighting, tough times, sniping aliens on the XBox, whatever it is, the second most important man code is to get your friend’s back. No matter what it is (unless he says: “Hey, hide this from the fuzz”), you will be there for your mates. If it’s a couple of fools who need correcting in the bar or if it’s listening to him sob about that skank you knew would leave him, you’re there for your bro

I chocked on this one. Haha my guinea fowls today will be the same group. Subject A currently has a girl who makes me laugh at him. Keep in mind subject A is one of these so called playboys. I am still counting seconds before I give him a few cents of my opinion but I think that’s what the bros are to do right? right? Only no one is saying anything? Or maybe deep inside am loving this chique for schooling this guy, he broke too many hearts anyway! What did I tell you, bad boy att is pure BS! So if your bro is supposed to have your back….how comes these ones are just lying low?

3,4,5, same old shit…blah blah no cockblockilg, no screwing your bro over a job boring boring!

No.6 A man becomes a wingman when required

At the end of Top Gun, even Val “IcemanKilmer realised that Tom “Maverick” Cruise was the best wingman ever. Now it’s your turn. When you’re at the club or at a party and your friend needs you to take the ugly one so he has a shot at the hottie, you do it. Without question, you fall on the sword and are the wingman. Wingman duties can also extend to driving to the party, sorting out transport and running interference from the girl’s man-hating friends.

Ah! Found a code I want to apply to me and my pals (the girls, I mean the guys cant be wing-women, this guy will run thinking am looking for a 3-way). I mean its rare you ask a girl to go somewhere with you and there’s no pulling. Unless its one of these girls who show up for dates with 3 of their pals, how that happens? Maybe its the promise of the pals running into richer older men too!

I did look through ten codes, and pretty much am seeing a rhetoric here, put your friend first or something. Maybe I just have issues with bro codes. I agree, girls are just full of emotions. I mean something too small is a cause of tantrum, I should know, I do throw alot of these tantrums but not to the girl at least. So here is my view, bro codes are a lie. It is just a set of rules to make girls feel bad about being honest and bare and make them seem too petty, but at the end of the day they are quite a big facade.

When two Bros in a room realize that one tapped the other’s mami, its more of “Boss, so why did you do that to me?” If its too bad it’s fist on the streets and this story is sort of over. Case and point, why are you even tapping her in the first place, if you really care for your pal, why are you even tapping her. Then what’s the excuse, she was sort of a skank! nkkkkt! What does that make you anyway? I would never be friends with a girl who does that to me, especially if its a guy I really liked, and am a Whores over Bros sort of person. The only thing I think most girls do wrong is they would tend to believe the guy more than the girl, esp when he pulls line like “She was the one after me, She is the one who initiated it”…dumb girls, last I checked normally its one person in the room that is responsible for how to put the stick, just in case things break!

A bro is only allowed to say that the Bros gal was a thwack after the break-up. Not just a thwack, but was she lazy, was she mean et al. Whaaaat?! So till a miracle happens and you break up am not allowed to tell you this girl is a gold-digger who is bleeding you dry? Or tell you your gal could go along way if she shed kidogo weight *giggles*. Or maybe that your gal..ah wait I have an incidence for this. One of my best buds, a guy (see am allowed to call them besties), at one of these random parties, his gal sort of made up with a potential guy in my interest “area code”. It took my all for me to tell him, when I did he said I am just pissed cause the chique made out with a guy hitting on me. My inner goat was bleaaating! Was this an open relationship? It took my all to tell him because stakes were higher for him, this had been like a 3 year relationship, mine was just a fling that ended immediately, when I heard this. To make it worse, the gal is just a serial cheater…..nway my code says, its your life, live it! I left him to it, I wont mention it in his wedding speech when I give it, but I will always give her an eye!

I think at the end of the day bro codes are stipulated because bros just do not want to show their vulnerability! I am not saying emotions sprucing everywhere but if something is bad, it is bad, there is no grey area! There’s no clause in the bro code making it right! Black or White, Good or Bad….

“This is what makes us girls
We all look for heaven and we put our love first
Somethin’ that we’d die for, it’s our curse
Don’t cry about it, don’t cry about it
This is what makes us girls
We don’t stick together ’cause we put our love first
Don’t cry about him, don’t cry about him
It’s all gonna happen”

I just quoted Lana Del Ray. So yes, us girls Love comes first. Love doesnt make my world go round, honesty and integrity does but Love helps the two make my world go round. If you love me you would not do anything to really undercut me in anyway, when you do, you get cut, its not me being petty, its not girls being mean, its just me being honest, something the Bros could really use!



  1. Nice article,has truth in it ..i think they apply to bestfriends,not just any bestie u have.
    ofcoz,no man wud wana show their vulnerability 😉 too much of bernie stinsons advce.

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