New Beginnings…..No?

I have this habit. I tend to just go all ghost protocol just to gauge how strong our bonds are. I want to see who will                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          miss me and who won’t. I want to see if someone will blow up my phone…wait, did I ever give the contact? Or or or….okay that’s the lie. The truth is I have been a bit busy, finished school….et al. But now all that is past, getting time to sit down and bang a few lines has been tricky, not to mean that am too busy for you.

Its June already! For those who kept their resolutions please raise your hands up. Would you all believe I never got the bucket list out of the way, the one I stated earlier? What a pity, I literally have no excuse in the name of campus experience to do anything stupid, not to say that campus is stupid but you all get my drift. What did I do instead, a lot! I finished school, I made plans for my future, to make money etc etc. I met a boy then I let him go….aah this thing called love! Most importantly I got a chance to sit at home a whole review and review a lot of things, of happenings.

Everyone seemed to be excited about this new, out of school status and seemed to be moody about clearing still, confusion. I felt like an alien, why I did not know. Maybe it is because I never had myself an “I am in campus” phase either, so how could I possibly ever understand  the fascination. Or maybe it just boils down to the fact that I am a pure snob and there is no changing that. A few weeks after school……I LOVE THIS LIFE! I mean I get to nurse a hangover on a Monday morning, did you all hear that? When everyone has Monday blues and is rushing to beat the morning traffic I am lying in bed! I never had a countdown, a calendar crossed out as each day passes. I was not sad either, what would I miss, my books. I am not a nerd but damn, I love reading. Anyway, each phase in life does pass and that was one.

I want to meet a few people one year later…..why am I giving them too much time though, I want to meet them 3 months later. I want to see if they remained the campus groupies they were, if they still call each other up to make sure nobody is out of the days dress mode. I want to see if their egos are still bloated by the number of girls they sleep with, wait that is constantly a guys thing right….I will not touch on that. I want to see if they still their coolness is defined by how many bottles they can drink, how much back to back raving they can do, how many blunts of weed they can smoke in a night, how many clubs they can hop in one night….uuummmmph does it seem like am picking a fight with someone? Like  hell yes I am, I am picking a fight with every idiot that hit on me in campus and broke my heart and thinks they can breathe before I say so!

Jokes aside, I am not. I actually do say live your life as it pleases you and when it does, do not make excuses or apologies for what made you happy. When it is time to act wild, let’s all do that, I mean do not skip a stage in life and end up being the 40year old in a club picking 20year olds who will drool all over you because of how much bottles you can buy them. You must be wondering then why it seems like a contradiction, judging as I say I never had a campus experience, well the story is my life, and I live it how I want. I do not need to move out of my mum’s house to go to a club, hence when I want to do all that; I do not need the campus phase to. I have had my drunk moments, my weed moments, they just never happened in a hostel or when surrounded with classmates, campus mates etc, not all at least.

Leaving campus just defines you. It changes who you are, at least I know it has changed who I am. I was looking forward to these moments; literally my friends are now defined by who made the effort to keep in touch when we left school. I think the ones who currently are in my life are the coolest too! Let them not have their egos bloated because I said that though. When you finish that paper, it is adrenaline, excitement and everyone is happy but then you become your own person. There are no more CATs which you read for the previous nights hoping that when a question gets too hard you can ask for the other guy’s paper and it would be groupie work. You swim or you sink out here.

So do not get me wrong, I am not looking forward to see how much of failures they became but more if they moved from boys to men, from girls to ladies. If the girls decided to see that when you show too much skin, then it means all it takes is a private message to jump into his bed. That the guys finally realized that seducing a girl, means you take her out for lunch at her respectable place, it doesn’t mean girls are money minded. For instance, I literally cannot stand a conversation that seems like a Camp MullaLil Wayne video. When I hang out with my friends, it does not have to be in a noisy club, we get booze and sit down and I listen to your man troubles! Not how much weed you can smoke, okay, get it all of you, I find that weed story to be the most stupid one, let it be clear.

I was told that chances one year from not I won’t be in touch with the people in my circle now, well I would like to see how it rolls out. I recall in my 1st year I was told it is only a handful of ladies  remain in that class as time goes by……oh if they could see me now  *cue-Danny O’Donoghues voice*. So in a year, after the reunion (if there will be one I will come back here and post of who they became).

P.S. What’s on my playlist- Heal by Loreen

P.p.s I will do a review on it like in a couple of hours


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