We have a winner ladies and gentlemen… the name of an album. As you all know, Lana Del Rey has been there with me through it all…for years, the never ending support we gave each other, it’s sad to see her go! Though they normally say it’s for the better right? Well it definitely is for the better because we have a winner……two actually, in other words I have a new favorite album…..Bam!

Emeli Sande has burst out of the scene and is definitely my artist of the moment. She is Scottish, I love the Scotts, and their whisky…and their accents but I missed hers! She has had her fair share of collaborations but she finally came out on her own…her version of events. How did I bump into her, someone had me watch a link of some performance…of this performance …. I owe a certain someone a kiss! The performance was amazing then the song was out of this world and I had to get it, I just had to…and I did and I fell in love! Should I do piece by piece of every track? Cause you know I can…..just because I can1 I have a thing where I can talk about music like it’s a presentation… this one I am to do but instead of looking at my project I am doing an album review…..I need to reconsider my career choices…or go fly a plane….again, well cause I can!

Normally when a song writer turns singer am all too skeptical, its almost like a singer turned actor actress….I will never see the talent but the diva issues they feel like they should do  it all. Anyway Our Version of Events was quite an anticipated album in 2012 and as far as am concerned it lives up to it’s hype. It is a soul album for the record and it sure has strings, I love strings, a lot of strings. The album opens with her debut single, Heaven! Typical tap tap tap… not saying the song is ordinary, her talents really shows in this song. Her vocals are amazing on it. Heaven is the club classic topped with very amazing, soaring, plaintive vocals in brief. My Kind of Love follows right up…..still keeping the tempo. It is piano led….the keys and the unison is the kind an artist can kill for. I love the lyrics, it sounds like “Baibe I am different from you, but it works for us, its perfect”. Then there is Where I Sleep, my current ringtone. A love song on it’s own, there are computer beats but it is a good one. Fine lets make one thing clear, the theme of this album is Love, relationships. The thing which is nit clear is whether it’s breakup or I love You sort of theme.

I hate her break up themes though; I do not hate the music. I am now skipping tracks to Maybe. The honesty is awesome. If you are at the tipping point of a relationship then I dedicate this one to you. There is a violin, a violin, a breakup so sweet like a violin. The chords were not my thing here…but the chorus and the violin, great! Stunning chorus! Mountains is led with a guitar! It’s amazing how I can do that right, give me any song and I will tell you what is the string or the key…I might even chip in what note there is. Then there is suitcase. PMS (Psychotic Male Syndrome). How can she do this to me? It’s really good love songs then she is crying about this guy? Who hurt her now? A guitar strums peacefully…..she did not see it coming? Lies, who never sees a breakup coming? I am always 10 steps ahead in every situation, I over analyze!

I love Daddy! Oh not my dad…..its the song, it’s piano led and sounds like a song I can seriously Tango to. It is hypnotically enveloping like that girl in a masquerade that you cannot figure out, I love masquerades, whoever knows of one please invite me…..I am tired of my human poker face. It is a tale of the wrong kinda fella misters! Demands my repeat button…repeat repeat repeat! Clown is also a piano led, I love the opening line, I so have to use it once! It is about insecurities etc. Next To me……piano piano piano and vocals, and another tap tap tap. Methinks Emeli Sande should collabo with this mami…what’s her name….the one who is with Fun in that song…eh Janelle Monae, they would sort of look like twinnies in their good outfits!  The other new tracks are amazing, Imagine, Easier in your bed, Wonder, Hope, Lifetime….or am just not going to go into all the songs.

On to my personal favorites now. Read All About It shadows all the other tracks I think, but it is my opinion. It is all the way piano and vocal, when Beyonce says she can sing it with a piano she should definitely take notes here! This is the track she collabod with Professor Green previously! It makes me a girl! It is jaunty, uplifting, superb. T turns her chart topping collaboration into a near acapella thingy about speaking out, about getting an airplay and being heard. The River uses an ocean metaphor to describe in fullness the beauty of Love. I looove this metaphor, super fresh! It is my romantic sanctuary. Then there is Beneath You Are Beautiful, with the one and only Mr. Labyrinth! Ah, all you bad boys out there, I see you, I know that deep inside if am willing to try, you are all so beautiful! It is amazing. DING Ding! My best song in the album is “Breaking The Law”. It intensely portrays the love is a crime sort of scene. I have never been a ride or die woman though, I am the go to work and call me later sort of girl, I don’t even need to know what work it is. This changes my mind though. It is guitar led, there is a piano and then a cielo pick up somewhere there. I have to do this song on karaoke, or a band. Mr. A, please learn those strings I am taking the chords…..we are doing this collabo, mimi na wewe, yeah you know who you are. It has an emotional balladry that most artists would kill for. I hate Fast and Furious but this would have been a good soundtrack if those two love birds decided to sail into the sunset. It is a classical rite track, it is the tip top top off that cream of an amazing album! Do you get what am doing here, I am trying to tell all of you that it is a song worth listening to! Her vocals here are bewitching and she can hold it, believe me she sings! Trust me she knocks Rihanna’s take on Love the Way You Lie down! Down!

*sings along* “Ignore the alarms, ignore the police, I will never stop breaking the law for you”

This album gets an 8/10 just out of the mere fact that those tracks I did not bother about lack a certain something to me, but it is not a skip a track sort of album. The craft and vocals sort of make up for it though.

P.S It had to come sooner that “Heal” but that’s on the way, as the Kenya hip hop crew says, “Iko kwa jikoni” hehe


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