The New Divas

What exactly is the definition of a diva? This thought came to mind randomly, I was in a jav and Beyonce’s diva started playing. Then I recalled I had a pal once upon a time, who used to have a crush on a certain guy. This guy used to hang out with his boys at some point which was just inevitable when one wants to get to my home. This friend of mine would therefore make it a point of dropping by, after her classes in the evening, with make up so fresh I bet it was done in the mat just at the previous stage, heels so high she got to my place and immediately asked for sandals to walk the rest of the way home….ha-ha and when she got there she would narrate how the whole walk went with her walk theme song being Beyonce’s sound track “Am a diva, am a diva”. Some memories…..

So a few years back, a diva was simply a female singer who has earned a popular status, same definition wiki uses for a diva. Think Tina Turner, or Whitney Houston…or the “I will survive woman”…I cannot believe I just forgot her name, Diana Rose? No? For the urban dictionary a diva is a bitchy woman who must have her way exactly or no way at all, often rude and belittles people…..isn’t that what they used to call drama queens? Anyway Minaj came to the scene and a diva is therefore a person who is loud, courts public attention, is a twitter big wig, gets mentions in the gossip pages cause they caught herpes or is wearing something…wait is that a celebrity? To digress, I hear we have socialites in Kenya now…..what a joke! That will be touched on later. In simple terms a diva is any woman who decided she is one, the diva complex he-he!

Being a diva is the new sexy! Or when you are a diva and you are automatically sexy. It’s like a road lined with roses and everyone who turns 20 gets on the train…..a little attitude takes you a long way in this generation, otherwise you will be the nice girl on the wayside with a broken heart, men are enthralled by divas, not nice girls. So long flowing hairs (or weave)… think Julie Gichuru, the sort that can be swept with two fingers off the face during a conversation. Throw the ex-boyfriend in the bin he was not treating you right but you are a diva and you deserve better #snap your finger to that#! Then the attitude involves being bras! Nicki can get into a strip club and smack an ass…see the attitude she spots! Then she earns respect from the entire male him and they are the so-called gangsters so……attitude!

The funniest definition of it all was “Campus Divas for Rich Men”. This one took the crown in my world. For clarity purposes I heard this was a hoax and it was just bored people purporting this theory. I would sweep this under the rug but then being from campus all I would say is only the page was a hoax, the idea behind it though was not. Anyway if you are the poster child for unconcerned, this was a group of campus students who took pictures in quite some positions showcasing the necessary goods of trade and in exchange rich men who can give them fun are to click on the item of their choice. I think the difference between the term parking lady and the diva’s as the name of the page suggested is their attitude. Apparently they weren’t ashamed when everyone threw stones their way; they were just being real and going for what they want! That’s what a diva is about…having her way. It’s a good trade, young women inflated by beauty long for bank notes, old men long for validation.

To the new class of people called socialites. That apparently post a few nude pics, drink a lot, pick a few fights on social media when you are on everyone’s lips even with negatives, then someone will approach you, give you some cash to be at his party and when you tweet that you are at that party, everyone will be at the so called party, the vanity! Or just declare yourself a rough neck bad boy and do all the negative things then everyone is talking about you and you are talking about you. Soon enough we will be keeping up with Kenyan Kardashians!

I would say we are too eager to maim everything westernized. Socialites will pick up with time though, and not everything westernized is bad at the end of the day. I have a few cents of thought  about this diva-ness though. Aretha Franklin turned when some girl chasing the mighty shilling called herself a diva. The moral line between right and wrong has escaped my grasp of late, and how I have no grey area in life. People cross this line now and then and if you just point a finger you are judgemental and uncool. It cannot be westernizing though, when it comes to being a campus diva seeking happiness with a few notes! Reasons can be better wealth distribution? Better self esteem? Jobs easily available and I don’t have to schmooze someone to make a call to get me an interview! The few times one jumps into this wagon is daddy issues, boredom but I rarely have noticed it being about the money…but then I am not there and the grass is greener on the other side. I mean some sleep their way up the ranks in the western world so to say it is non-westernization is also out of my jurisdiction I have to admit. This point is therefore mute.

What I will say is that diva-ness is to be earned. Sing so well and I will mightily call you a diva. The rest is just pure drama queen or simply b@#chy.


2 thoughts on “The New Divas

  1. welcome baaack 🙂
    socialites,swag,hustlers are all fancy names for people who think they deserve better from life without putting an effort..

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