I am back, oh not from all the trips actually just from one! I went to the coastal areas as a start, for a few days! I have a couple of sun burns I am nursing as well, lol. I have a few things you need to catch up with, 1st of all is an article by one of my favourite bloggers…wait actually the top top cream of my favourite list…Biko Zulu…this article caused a lot of controversy but this  is me, I love this guy so…give this a shot:


Accompanying it is a response


Now that aside, I also bumped into a new blog…and the only words I can use to describe it is bewitching…the only thing that has ever been able transform my mind into sheer beautiful imagination is music, not blogs but this one…aargh, I’ll only be able to share once I am done being jealous!

So my trip, I finished all the graduation shenanigans, and took a bus to the Mombasa town. Who knew this journey is a 10 hour trip by bus. The glee on my face at the thought of sitting in a bus on that road however was convincing enough to my mind so yes I said this was a great opportunity to just sit and do what I do best…think. The best definition I give anyone who tells me “Tell me about you” is “I am a deep water”. I took care of all my affairs on the previous days because I didn’t want to be rushed back here, it was my vacation. I had one interesting affair to take care of. I had a visit to my gynaecologist. Okay, I won’t indulge on why not because of me but because you have sensibilities! It was really crucial…you know #cough# are not right in some areas…shit craaaaays!!!!! #cough# and that could not be suitable for 10 hours in a bus! The part I found really interesting is the minute I get into his office and he goes like “Kupotea nayo”. That’s how sort of awesome this guy is….he is as old as my dad just so you all know and he can crack such jokes. Oh sorry for the people who don’t get Swahili that well that was to mean I am lost.

Morning comes and I leave to get the bus. I can’t get a book, who took all the book sellers out of the streets? I am not happy about that, and no, I was not too early. Anyway since I cannot get a good book, I stack up on most of the available interesting newspaper and head to get the bus. Okay, the interesting part of the bus ride is always the seat partner right? Here is how it goes. I get there and before long we start boarding. I have the window seat, without a book and my phone without a full charge, I am hoping to have that interesting sort of seatmate…who knows, one of the stories on the newspaper was lovers who met on a bus ride! Lmaoooooo okay forgive that, but my mind wanders.

The rest board…I have earphones plugged as I am checking a few people out but hoping to come out as a snob. One…two…three…*fingers crossed…..praying…please don’t let it be a lady pleeeeaaase* Four…Five…Six….*Especially an older woman….oh most especially an older man….okay I would rather the man than the woman….women are hard to work with* Seven…Eight….A guy walks in…*smiles…well he is cute…let it be him*. He walks over, lost…stands right next to where am seated, a smile forms on my face as I look down…*I don’t like his shoes, but well 10 hour conversations don’t need shoes…* smiles. He checks his ticket, checks the seat labels…I start moving my stuff only to raise my head and see him settling down across…*CRAP*

This scene happens on every journey! I need to have someone with better luck book my seat!

The bus leaves with the seat next to me is empty. The glee on my face…I mean this mean cute guy with the shoes can just decide to move right…he did smile and he keeps checking my way…or is it in my head?

Until she walks in…somewhere at Mombasa road this bus has a booking office! And she has a kid! A boy who can walk but still suckles! A few things get my goat…I have boob sensibilities! You want to make me uncomfortable…put me in that situation…so the minute she sat…my heart sank!

I got there though in one piece! I don’t know when cute guy left.

Down at the coast….someone convinced me to go to the village areas right…not just know the hotels and the beach side but apparently the great part of the town is the residents. Took him up on his deal….didn’t last more than a few days. My sister laughs it off, claims I whine too much. There were too many babies around…I didn’t get stuck in a bus for 10 hours to go mingle with kids again! I wanted to lie down on a breeze…and sing Taylor Swifts 22…I can’t swim that well but get into the water…so no I whined and whine then packed my bags and carried on with the original plan.

The view from my room!!!!

I couldn’t trade this for anything else.

That aside, I did love the fact that I spent it with the natives…is that the name? The one thing it taught me…I recount my statement that it is my favorite town. First of all there is traffic there! I am used to my traffic…why …because I know my matatus can just ease through it. By the time I am though here I might have made a few enemies….I really have a feeling about that. It was the food, the people, the service from them. I love the fast life I live here…yes I go out there to relax; I do not expect the people who are to facilitate the relaxation to take their time at it! It is at the hotels, at the matatu…like they are the ones doing me a favour by giving me their business…the hell. I swore to my mum that if I spent a month at the coast, I would starve! The food…come on! I decided to look for something familiar…I had a bad hangover and therefore all that oil and spice was just making me feel like death. What hurt me most is I love my breakfast but wherever the friend suggested that I get to know the other side of the town…they don’t. When I inquired, someone got me some tea and some green grams samosas! They seemed to be enjoying it…I almost cried. I was tired from a long early morning and this is what I get! Oh wait, we went to some hotel to have lunch on the 2nd last day and one of the guys serving was also having their lunch…rice which they eat with bare hands…I have no qualms with that. So as this food is being brought, this guy who was eating lays his hand on of the plates that we had ordered…the shock on my face. That was major chutzpah! Was he checking the temperature? What could he possibly be doing putting his hands, unwashed on my food? The best part is whoever accompanied us to the hotel, a resident, found our outrage ridiculous because in his opinion, what was so bad about it? What was so bad about it? Is this guy kidding me…and it was the arrogance when we said we won’t eat the plate that annoyed me! He literally grabbed the plate without an apology and went and thrust another in front of us! Ummmph!

That was quite a long rant and I am not even done yet. I have a feeling it will take time for it to be more…the town. I feel like there is much they don’t pay attention to like simple courtesy. I love a waitress who smiles at me when I walk in and attends to my discomfort. I am particular! Or maybe they just think the term customer applies to whites only…I am pissed! They pay in shillings too after all. I loved the hotel I stayed in though; it was a common opinion that they did not have the preference.

Is it a bad town….I don’t know…but it has definitely lost the zeal for me…I am on to the next one.

The only good bit was I made a couple of friends, quite friendly. One was out of loss of bearings….and he made sure I got there safe, chivalry ain’t dead yet y’all. The other, a coincidence, and offered swimming lessons…Ummph! I am having that shy smile as I write this J


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