Album Review:Heal

Blessed are they who are able to handle relationships in this work world, when was the last time I even blogged. I feel like everything around me is suffering, me being one of those people suffering. My side hustles are suffering, I have been making curve swerves when my other boss looks for me with work, I don’t even have excuses anymore, today I simply said I left my phone at home. Like someone would leave their phone at home…like I would leave my phone at home, he saw right through that lie but what the hell. I like my new boss though, crazy hot post 60 (wait, is this what HR will one day serve me with a letter for?). Blah blah blah I could go on but for the sake of you I won’t.



  1. “In My Head”
  2. My Heart Is Refusing Me
  3. Everytime
  4. Euphoria
  5. Crying Out Your Name
  6. “Do We Even Matter”
  7. “Sidewalk”
  8. “Sober”
  9. “If She’s the One”
  10. “Breaking Robot”
  11. See You Again
  12. “Heal” (feat. Blanks

She is Swedish? I had a feeling she had French origins but I was disappointed! There is a certain laissez faire art so perfect that only the French (and Italians) can capture, and for me Heal is a work of Art! I am never pro pop music as such, it gets old with time to my ears, for instance I cannot listen to Maroon 5 too much, I’ll get bored so soon. Her album did end up coming out a bit late when everyone was exhausting the pop era but for me….it’s as fresh as hell (cue-2Chainz).

For me a great album is the one I don’t have to skip a track. Here is a little history; I got “Our Version of Events” with “Heal” at the same time. I loved one more than the other, for the mere discrimination that one was pop, and I felt like the soul spoke to my soul…did you see what I just did there, so proud of myself. Anyway, when I turned to a tourist after grad, I plugged my earphones and started listening, well cause I did promise you guys a review right….bore bore bore…for opinions sake I wouldn’t say which albums those are. I started with my Lana just to get my mood back after severe boredom and well it did its trick. To diverge a bit, she has a new single out, “Summertime Sadness”. After that I started on Loreen, guess what I listened to those songs and only those songs until I got to where I was going. Keep in mind this was a 10 hour drive! So my general review of the album, I would simply put the music on the stereo and drive off…I would go as long as I have this music!

Loreen does dance music to perfection! Then her vocals, well her vocals are just…is this what people call velvet? I have never known what velvet or silk voice is…me the music guru! I think what draws me to this music is the romance as usual, oh I love the romance words do present. Oh am a fan! Yet blogs should literally have no biase right? I am biased! For the simple reason that as the title goes, it heals!

So how do I normally do this, song by song right? Though isn’t it enough that I should say it is good and you all get the album…and well agree?   I got it, her voice is velvet! Her vocals are ridiculously sultry, did I get it. I just recalled one track “If she is the one” and the vocals for that song…come on! People like to hate and most people just hear this song and assume its love moppy…it’s a masterpiece. It is the dance beats and the vocals combined.

My best song is “Everytime”. I love it more for the start, the whole idea of just singing without anything for backup…that’s how I know a vocal prowess….when they can sing without a piano and I love it…lmaooo! “Sober” gets to tie with it though. I love the song….

“I know this moment will be over, two more cups and we are sober, …”

I had to like it, I know someone I want to sing that part to…hahahaha

Then there is “see you again” .That’s numero trio on my list. This song also reminds me of someone, we had had a bad fight and I was sleeping…mad as hell….in the middle of the night he called and this was the ringtone, and I woke up! That there is just proof that this is one of those songs! Okay fine I have realized that instead of reviews am just gliding through.

The highlight of the album is “Euphoria”. Oh wait it is “Everytime” on most blogs but for mine it will be “Euphoria” for the mere fact that “Everytime” is for me, myself and I. I can’t go into detail because as the song says it is “Euphoria”. It has a whole orchestral beginning and wait for it…it did infatuate the whole of Europe! It was a great song!

Loreen has a great vocal range in my opinion as much as it’s computer beats and at some point somebody had her all keesha with a voice code, her voice is great! The first song “In my head” is great in it’s original version though I have a confession to make here. See how I said “Sober” was all that, well the original version or even the acoustic was so far better than the album song, I just couldn’t admit it. The lyrics are just amazing, to “In my head” I mean and something with this album is the beats are unique to every song, there is no repeat, infact apart from the voice, you can’t find a rhetoric.

“Sidewalk” starts with some fancy computer drumrolls, wait are they? The lyrics are super deep, and here is the perfect example of where her vocal range shows, seems like she is literally playing with her voice…saying “How wide can I go”. This chapter closes with “Heal”, the first song I ever heard off this album. Ummph, I had to take a breath. The lyrics are too personal and well I fall for words.

“Turn around and say the words to make us heal”

That caught my ear, and the video well was unique, see those bras videos you don’t even know how they ended up there, this is one of those. Loved the song. This song can save a breakup waiting to happen, or a psychotic woman…lol, it is one of those songs that make you shhh then listen.

To the bad part of this album, well I did say it was a “don’t skip a track” sort of album right…..I try everytime until I get to  “Breaking Robot” then before a minute I can’t so I go to the next. See I didn’t skip it, I just couldn’t listen to it. Then “Do we even matter to you” I almost thought it’s a “lets fight hunger song” I mean seriously who put this song here. I love the lyrics to a point, if we means that relationship but not that much. They aren’t the worst part of the album but you don’t get perfection to this level that often.

P.S. This article was written for 3 days…



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