It is just a number…own it!

I have been outed! I knew I should not have posted about my birthday…on my birthday…and wait not just that, but share it as a link on my Facebook page, especially with the title being my age! Ha-ha it was like I wanted them to know! Now…now am not a stranger with a lot of words to say about everything!

Apart from that I have a funny story to tell. One of my friends texted a few days ago, belated birthday wishes definately! So he goes like

“Happy 24th birthday”

“23…you mean, but thanks”

“Women and their age…they never agree to get old”

The rest of the conversation never went as he had hoped it would because

#3 That was stereotypical, like how they say every lady does not know how to drive

#2 That was childish, and I have realized I have a low tolerance for these things

#1 Within a text he had called me a liar, and full of drama when outed!

I therefore did what I do best. I took my phone and for 5 minutes (I type quite fast) puffed and ummphed and typed a very long text with alot of pieces of my mind….then sent it and…oh wait that’s all I did, sent it. Passive aggressive, remember!

That is incident number one. Number 2…was via a call. Same story, I corrected it…but men do not take corrections kindly I have noticed, they just say you are afraid to age! Take account of the fact that they forgetful brains…I mean I bet next year I will be getting my 25th happy birthdays from them…and when I simply point it out, I will be the one who does not want to grow old.

Heads up gentlemen and gentlemen…the only reason I would not say my exact age is because I fear someone would think I am too young and maybe associate me with a lot of immaturity!

I want to grow up, I want to be a few years older so that when I say I want a baby I do not get a skeptical look…hehe did you notice it again, told you it is an obsession….any candidates? Okay I am joking.

I hate, loathe even these ideas men have in their heads about women. That we lie about our age, that we are the worst drivers in town, that all we do is gossip, that we would stab our friends back at any given chance, that we are shallow and when we get a boyfriend we want to talk to them all the time asking stupid things like “What did you have for lunch”…..damn it, we do not ask you what you had for lunch….and we do not lie about our age unless…well unless he is hot and can make intellectual conversations and is a few years younger. I mean lets face it, I would not be a cougar for the  mere fact that due to the immaturity levels exhibited by males my age, I wonder what I would do with a brain younger than that ahhahahaha.

Age is just a number for me and I do not even get why a guy would think you would want to lie about it. Maybe it is because when asked, it puts you in some awkward situation, I do not know. It like this issues of #coughSIZEcough#. Well length is also just a number, should we start making that the basis of every conversation.

It is the same way a guy will ask how many men a girl has slept with and whichever answer you give they apparently add a plus five. It can be as simple as

“So, what’s your number?”


No hesitation, no ummmmh moments..a simple plain answer and number because that is what is is. It is your number, own it! I ask this question to a lot of people btw. I might meet you on the street and instead of saying hi I will ask you that.  Ii do not ask it to actually get your number, why? Because your skills are to reduce or increase with the number? Or because for some reason the number being too much or too little might freak me out? Oh, wait it might….especially if it is a guy, a number like 3 makes me go like..ummmmh why? I simply ask that question to see the reaction it elicits. No one will ever give you a direct answer, it always has to be a lot of circles round and round like “why are you asking” and “why are you really asking”. I t is exhausting.

Women are god drivers, in fact great drivers. It is rarely that a crash will happen and it was a woman behind the wheels. We have a lot to loose, literally. Like our pretty faces for instance…so we choose to drive with caution.

Then this idea that us women are too needy, that is going to be a whole article to be written and trust me, that is one article that I do not mind being outed for….it is my opinion.

Good week everyone!


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