I have a few pretentious friends. Yes, pretentious and am not taking it back. You know them. Those who you really want to be friends with but if you think about it too hard you do not even see why you should be friends. I have those. It is funny. I am such a character judge that every time I see this needy desperation in someone I point it out. Then we end up arguing about it. Then we make up and they say I was right…haha I am always right. Okay, not always but at the end of the day it begs to wonder why I feel like I need those friends. I have one who can make up for twenty. Aren’t I always the one correcting the others anyway?

I think all this is why I quit Facebook. Being in the office with internet all day is thus bad for me. I am online just to chat with a few people and in a minute of boredom I happen to see a photo here a photo there and then I decide they seem like they are having fun so I decide to reconnect with them. It never sums up to anything. I hate Facebook!

These friends always have a few photos in some event looking pretty glamorous. Smiling like “yes that joke was really funny and this photo just happened to be taken at that moment”

I am going somewhere with all this just so you know.

To wrap all this explanations up, I also downloaded instagram for a day. I used it for a day and deleted it. I didn’t get it. I simply suggest that all those who have vacation photos on Facebook to migrate to instagram could suit their needs better.

So let’s talk about my friends that made me write this. There is this boy. Good friends at first, then  well, from friends to lovers, and now I want to be enemies but you do not need to know why. This boy I thought I liked at some point. I really did, think I mean. Why? You might wonder….well cause he had this grin that would make my heart flutter and cause he was hot. He wasn’t smart. He went to school, did something good intellectually but that was it. He didn’t have good jokes to go on with. He wasn’t thoughtful in that sort of way we like our boyfriends to be. He was only hot and was a good dresser. He was that guy I would desperately cling onto just because we could finally take those cute couple photos and post on Facebook like my pretentious friends haha and have a million hashtags saying #love #happiness #truelove #forever. Is it just me or does instaram just have too many non “sensical” hashtags that all mean the same thing anyway? In my defense, I had not dated a hot guy for a while and well I wanted that too…or so I said…with a lame boy haha on my next article I will write why I do not like hot guys….anymore….but #whispers I’ll still date some for status

So this boy, all that he knew how to do was drive a car and club. I would join in these parties at times and that’s how I met his other friends, who I really thought were also soooo coool (in a shrilly voice). Coming to think of it, I do not even know why I had this thought in my head. They just drunk too much and one who seemed like he run the club was just a d@#k about stuff which they laughed at. I still went to their parties.

Why I stayed, who knows. I have a feeling it’s cause one of the friends,this i knew concurrently with hot lame guy, had an ego overdose and told me with my attitude he dares me to make an honest man out of his friend, the lame one. The joke of the day was when he said it, I was already doing it.

Months later we parted ways, then made up, then broke up, then made up, then I laid my stand and he stood his ground and we realized we both wanted different things, but he wanted mine to merge with his, I stood my ground and we went our separate ways. I was so mad I completely erased him from my life. Not in the sort of “if i see your Facebook posts I’ll have a nostalgia so i have to unfriend you” but in the “you are messed up, get your shit together and in the mean time quite wasting my time way so i have to unfriend you”. Oh I made that statement.

Heads up, halfway through this post is when I want to get to my point for writing today haha.

So recently, I updated something on Facebook. About a programme I did not like etc but the whole clan in the world thinks it is definately the bizness. In any case, I did and well a couple of shots were fired towards me. Those which if they were spewed orally, I’ll give you a stare. A hard, long, cold, and then make some comment like “mmmh, good to know”. So then later, this mutual friend, of I and the lame ex date, also updated something about another programme. So let me run you through this. When i did my update, he was among those to spew comments and told me soon enough I will start singing my music and shooting my movies….this comment actually has a history from me saying some track he really loved was lame and he was just hyping it. So when on his counter update he was ranting mad disappointed about another series that, again, the clan of the world think is the top sh@#t….again I am reading a bad book, hence all the curses……even top top of the cream as compared to the one i hated, I simply laughed as a comment and made a remark about him commenting on my update. Now that’s how it started. So he tells me how he didn’t make that statement on my update cause in his opinion the series was as good as the clan said, he simply made the statement because…..and wait for it…..NOTHING SEEMS TO SATISFY ME.

Oh, he even did it with the CAPS.

So I read the comment with that look I just described up there. Then I felt like he was shouting at me so I shrinked. I mean what was with all the CAPS. Then I felt hurt cause I don’t like people yelling at me. You know. I am not two. If we use our inside voices we can still hear each other you know. Then I simply just got mad. The nerve he had to yell at me, on a social site and call me insatiable. INSATIABLE!!!!! What a heifer! I hate hypocricy to some level and that was him being a hypocrite. I had decided to put up with their lameness and let them be my friends, hell I can be satisfied. He should have asked our mutual friend about my satisfaction levels #blushes#. So very mad, puffing steam, probably red if my melanin would let it show I did what every mad person does. He definately had no right to call me insatiable. Guess what I did……..I told myself that I am not his friend anymore.

Then I deleted his number!

Then on the status I said “Mmmh, okay, good to know”


Hell I was learning to be satisfied now that he had pointed it out…..satisfied with taking crap from him in the name of being friends and therefore not being his friend.

The whole point of me going around all those circles was I don’t conform to anything just because 95% of the clan is doing it. I won’t.

The other day in the office, a workmate pointed out the same, in a bad way again, saying something like I am unwise for always giving an opinion, sometimes I should just be a woman. I blame her tribe, it dictates women to be submissive, but she takes it too seriously and to think of the reason she told me this hurtful words…some political banter on my Facebook post.

So here it goes. I don’t like going out to the club. I think it is not my thing. I will sleep out in the parking lot, inside the car of course, until you are done getting drunk then you can drop me home if you insist on clubbing. I will pass an opinion if all you do is club as well. I think it has it’s time period.

I am a critic with quite a political opinion. It is so heavy and I will say it plainly without refining it. If I get arrested for it, well so be it, I believe in airing my opinion and well that’s how growth comes by. I for a fact know that if my ex-friend never told me I am insatiable, I would have never grown….from him.

I don’t think just because you attended college with someone then they are automatically friends. Or just because you work with someone they they have to be your close friends. Especially in an office like mine where someone is always sabotaging someone. So I will not bother to mingle with them. It does not mean am rude, or that I feel like am better than them, I just don’t like them.

I think Blacklist is not all people claim it is. But men would hang onto a series with a corky lead just because they all hope they can one day muster such balls and all women will chase after you. Like Harvey, in Suits. What they fail to notice is women always got tired of Harvey….they would rather even mimic Don Draper.

I can put you down so bad when you come to me with a weave joke. Or those women are bad driver jokes. They are old, the jokes hehe, they are lame and they hit below the belt. Women wear weaves and make up….deal with it. If you want one without a weave then get one, cause guess what, they are there. Women can drive and perfectly I tell you, so perfectly it might surprise you.

Watching a lot of TV is my definition of lazy. Get up, pick a book, do something useful with your life. Solve a puzzle. Read a book, again. Take up a sport for pits sake or learn how to cook a new dish. Learn how to cook simply. There is nothing challenging all those programmes offer at the end of the day so “keeping up with the kardashians” just makes you lazy, slows your mind because at the end of the day….they always live happily ever after. You could pay me two cents and I will tell you that. Not to mean I critique programmes. I love movies, the art that goes to it. All I am saying when you wake up and sleep and all you did was watch TV….and all you can talk about is what the next episode is about….we can’t have the same discussion.

I think all this social sites, except twitter of course, prey on your esteem. If a few likes on Facebook or instagram is the only way you can smile through the day….you have bigger problems. Hence my pretentious friends.

I think that’s almost it…okay am kidding, not by a long shot. That’s just a few things that got me called unwise and insatiable.

I am simply saying I do not look at life on the surface. Once upon a time, someone told me it was the one thing he loved most about me.

Happy read.


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