Album Review: Love, Marriage & Divorce Toni Braxton and Baby Face

I am having  a mellow Monday morning!

And it is so damn cold!

And i am looking my fear (in the name of ear infections) in the phase and finally plugging ear phones into my ears and listening to music….#whispers# only avoiding the bad ear though haha…ear infections are a bitch….especially when they involve wax and you feel like you are going deaf!

All those factors put in place, I have an album to review and its one of those old school love song jams. Hold on, my old school might not be the contemporary old school to some people….my old school is as old as Toni who to some is new school…lol…..I almost think even Beyonce is old school….a bit.

Anyway, when I grow up, I want to be Toni… jokes, this is my prayer starting now….or maybe it’s just the cameras who know. Except for her money issues. If the package comes with that excluded am okay.

Either way, this album has those songs that remind you of the 90s when love songs were awesome love ballards. And twerking was just shunned…and songs sounded great even with clothes are on…Think Joe, Usher, the old Usher I mean..not this one with some funny hairstyle. It’s just deep sound of love music put together nicely.

The album kicks off with “Rollercoster” which is basically about love and it’s ups and downs. Well, the first announcement is this is my favorite song…the thing with this album is the starts to the songs are slow and if you are impatient you are bound to quit early. Same goes to the next song “Sweat” which describes make-up sex. In a good and pleasing way…..descent. Good. Not dirty, not too erotic just…..Tasteful.

The lead for the album “Hurt You” which is honestly the first thing that drew me to this album. It also just has one of those slow starts, and is led by a piano, and has the two complementing each other here and there. It is a great song when all is said and done…that sort of song that sings a little story of your life…or maybe just mine…..and it gives you that nostalgia for old babyface.

Their voices in “Where Did We Go Wrong”…..though it feels like it’s Toni’s song and Baby Face is simply a collaborator. She carries him through, she really does. The song is just about reminiscing about old love….love let go and full of regrets when they did.

Babyface gets one song as a single to do his thing, “I hope you are okay”. Toni gets to have two solos in the album, “I Wish”, has me divided. I feel like they took good sound of music but the idea of the song is too young. When you grow up, when someone wants to walk away you let them and if you wish bad things, you don’t make it open haha. It is like a teenager saying what she thinks of her ex…..only it gets the good tunes. Or I simply say anything on a piano is good.

I however love “Take it Back”. This is my kind of Toni song, you know. It’s also people going there separate ways but rethinking if maybe they should give it one more shot. It is one of those songs with words when said, they come from a place so deep, a place so honest.

Reunited should have been the title of the album. They definately are singing about a couple, but i have a feeling they are also telling their story…through all those disagreements that had them ending up in court. Well they did do a good work, Reuniting. If Toni now goes on and retire, we will forgive her eventually.

“I’d Rather Be Broke” is about a clear case of going away. The strength of Toni’s voice is a greatly displayed here. How many people can get to that note, that low, and sound so good. Then “Heart Attack” has one of those pop sounds that to be honest for me ruined the whole flow of this album. “The D Word” wraps up the album and well i think at the end of the I don’t know always comes the decisions. Babyface starts it off, and it is smooth. It is quite a smooth song that you can’t help but take your time and really listen.

A few things however, Toni stole the show in this album, just to be honest. Then most of the people who are really having fun listening to this album is my mum cause everyone now thinks it’s all about David Guettah. I think it’s a good album and even if Valentines is over, we are in the month of Love, give it a shot.

Happy read.


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