I hate this day.

Though I have grown accustomed to not liking Mondays of late.

Mondays are like that loud annoying girl you know, fine, that I know, and man I know alot of such. Those girls that no matter how nice you are to them, they will always just want you to not like them. There is only so much trying that I can do you know.

It is only on a Monday morning that it can heavily rain after quite a dry weekend.

Or only such a morning that traffic chooses to be too bad, so bad that you stay there until your boss goes back home…haha though to be fair he only spends an hour on his desk.

It is only on a Monday morning that your boss can choose that you see his jerk side…..ummmph I am so frustrated! Am I such a slave to money that I would still come here just to get some pennies…….no am serious, pennies.

It never used to be like this. Monday was like any day and I would gladly get off my bed…this hate must have been driven by work.

Anyway since my daddy took me to school to read, and ummh, eventually earn money haha I accept and move on and sit at my desk till i feel like my brain is melting on the keypad and my eyes drowsy as hell as I count minutes till the clock hits 5pm then I leave.

I try not to complain over things I have control over. If I don’t like my work I could quit and get something I like (I have a solid plan for that, like now that Lupita has an Oscar all of us can afford to dream lmaooo).

The only reason am going out of my norm today is because I am pissed!

I hate hypocrisy! In fact it is lies that I hate more than hypocrisy. The moral kind of hypocrisy when exhibited, reeks.

Anyway so I had to miss work last week, and this morning I diligently showed up to my bosses office to now officially follow up on me being absent. He was reading the paper, he looked up once and went back to his paper. What the hell I went ahead to talk….then I felt annoyed cause I felt like I was talking to myself and now was just staring at him….so he looks up, ah finally.

Then he started talking and it is at that moment that every ounce of like I had left for my workplace went away. Infact I should request my boss to circulate a memorandum of how to properly skip work because however well you will do it, it will still just be a problem for him.

After he finished his sermon I walked back to my desk and sat down knowing he would mention this in the morning meeting. Lucky him he didn’t because if he did, I would have been giving my resignation after the meeting. Okay that’s a bit dramatic, maybe after a month or so, but now I have made up my mind I do not think I have it in me to do this for the next 1 year, or 1 month, or 1 week, or 1 hour.

This office just has too much politics for my taste and believe you me, exactly one year ago after voting, I stopped the like for politics. It is the fact that everyone wants to know your business, if it was to bring me soup when am sick, I would not have cared about that but not to gossip about it. Too much gossip and no one has your back here.

So by 10am this morning i was writing down a list of better things I want from life, in my head of course.

1. A better job

2. Better friends who can lend me their DL when I ask for (this is just another different story on its own)

3. Better friends who can pick my tab and don’t owe me money for centuries and over

4. A better means of showing that am mad, this passive aggressive nature is making me seem too nice to people….next time I’ll smash a glass

All that said, Lupita Nyongo won an Oscar. Personally I do not see the big deal that everyone is going on and on about, but then again I have never won an Oscar. It could be that am mad because she chose to insist she is Mexican. It could be that I simply hate the Kenyan wave, today it is quail eggs, then it is Westgate, tomorrow it is Lupita and her movie, then her awards, I wonder how long this Oscar vibe is going to take. This internet madness. I just sort of feel as Ellen said “Could be that Lupita wins for what she was nominated, or that they are racists“. That is not a tough choice because the one thing people fear most is being called racist.


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