Time Spans……Time Spans!!!!!!!!

I cannot remember the last time I sat down to write something on my blog. At some point it was because I got busy with..ummmmh..life. Then work got super crazy….then I just lazy until today. Today which I promised myself I would drag my lazy ass self and do a post, without an idea what I would write!

“Time is such a slut! It screws everyone”

I have just finished reading “The Fault in Our Stars” and I am still hang up on it. I loved it to totality. It is a good read and maybe one day I will start on book reviews! Only I can not trash a book, I love literature, and I cannot call anything bad literature, even the sad romantic stories….the only problem I have with them is you lose the enthusiasm too soon!

I read the quote on that book, along with a lot of other quotes! Time is a slut! It indeed is!

Last night in bed, I could not sleep. In such moments, I will play music as I twist and turn in bed….I think am always hoping that the energy i expend on the twists and turn will wear me out until I doze off. This theory I am yet to prove. As I am in bed, the playlist that is on used to be on of those play lists. Those that play a certain story of my life. In the past, memories would flood my head, I would get nostalgic and feel a loss then maybe the pain would drive me to sleep. Last night, nothing! So i tried to force the memories in my head to start playing, and I could not just feel anything! It will be two years sometime this year since the red button was pressed on these relations and I cannot believe it! Time is such a slut! In this case, it screwed him, and any memories I had of him…..Thank you time!

Someone tells me I have a taste for running away! That is why I love open roads, white canvases, bottom rocks! I use them as new beginnings where I start a new!

I cut my hair! Yes sometime this year, in March, I cut my hair! I was convinced I wanted it, though I think I did it to prove a point. That I can cut my hair! I felt like I had been talking about it too long, one of my friends says i need an anniversary date for saying “I am going to cut my hair”. So I did, I loved it….then it got too needy, so I am growing it back again! I think I felt like time was going by so fast and soon I will not be able to wear rugged jeans. In my opinion, short hair only looks good with such looks, rugged and boyish!

I quit my job. I loved that stunt, quitting. I sit around my friends going on and on about hating their jobs being overworked, low pay and bad bosses. I cannot understand why they choose to stay. My job got so unbearable that I did not know what exactly I stood to benefit from it. So, I packed and left. I only feel sorry when I wake up in the morning and look at my wallet….then I think to myself, it was not really that much…so I cover my face and continue sleeping. I know! I know! I should stop! What pisses me off about my old job is I think it wasted 7 precious months of my life! Just because of being comfortable because I did not want to wake up in the morning and wonder how I will sustain myself! I wish I had left earlier, but I didn’t…and what was that about time….yup, this time it screwed me bad!

Time worries me. I feel like things are moving too fast Now it’s evening and then tomorrow it’s 8 a.m. I mean it is intentionally moving like it has some V for Vendettah against the whole world. Like it wants to be noticed. I loved quitting my work because am at home spending more time with my family. I know some day I am going to move out, and that is going to break my heart because then I could only see my mum on a weekend, holiday, weddings or funerals. I will not know how she woke up feeling, or who pissed her off during the day. I will not hear the weird tales my sister has for me or a funny face book update she shares with me when am around. In one of those nights I was in bed, I recalled how awesome it was having my niece around. In all her childhood cuteness and awesomeness. I never wanted her to leave when she had to, I had a bad week….I missed walking her to school and back home. I missed how annoying she could be crying over things! I missed her reading y novels because I was reading one! Though as I was thinking about it, it seemed so far away that my memory was becoming a blur! Time does fly!

I want to hold on to treasured minutes, seconds! Not in memories, but in present time! So for the time being I will not worry about the money, but for the freedom being unemployed affords me! And it is quite alot!



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