This post may end up to be full of cussing……or bitching……or complaining…….but I have warned you early, if you didn’t stop now, it’s all on you.

I am going to look for that person who told me that if I go to school, I will come out shining and get a good job! Yes I just can’t remember who it was that forced me to go…….I will get them and point a gun to their head and the rest would be history. That conversation would end up in two ways…..they would not lie to any more young kids or my next post would be about the view from my office, that’s his choice…either way I do not care.

Get this clear, this post won’t be about how getting a job in Kenya is hard! That’s cliche……it will not be about how you knock on offices with nothing good….hey I do not allow myself to wallow in miseries… is simply a public outcry that i feel I owe it to myself….after 2 months of not working…I feel cheated! I feel cheated for being rushed to the university and killing myself for five years in some glorified course and when leaving nothing comes up! It is about the fact that when I called my boss on his BS, threw that resignation letter on his face I finally found this happiness that everyone is in constant search of…..all that remains is me bagging some rich old man in our coastal shores to pay my bills.

Yes, I had the audacity to say it….that is all I would want in such a relationship!

When kids want to emulate me, because someone tells them that I did whatever I did in school, i want to tell them to run, that it is a lie! It is a big lie because you will be frustrated early. What will frustrate you is that your parents will think that just because you went to campus and graduated with this important degree you owe it to yourself to sit in an office chair however bad the pay…they will tell you that you have to start from somewhere! It will frustrate you because you dream that you will drive a big car before you are 25…..okay am lying…maybe thirty. I see my friends who clear campus and when they ask what my first pay way and i tell them they go like “That’s too little, why can’t you get something else?”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Then I will sit back and realize that they will be the same people who will come complaining when they earn that salary they want in a few years! How they cannot catch a break from the office and basically have lives that revolve around their houses and their offices!

I tell people that is why I quit work and they laugh. Okay, I do not tell everyone. I find it exhausting….and I do not owe them any explanation….and it is quite a long one once you set out to tell everyone.

I am not cussing as much as I was supposed to in this post, clearly I should have waited a few more months to come and bitch on employment right?

I hated the long hours I had to work on a few occasions in that office. I would make sure to repay those hours the next morning and I might have gotten a weird look walking to my desk but I was like “I hate this office…I do not care”

I hated that I did not get compensation for this long hours when all my friends would brag about how they get paid to even work a few meters away from their offices.

I was furious that my boss cost me to quit on some dates…because there are days I would work on a Saturday! Who does that? That is just cruel….if the world can join hands to make time for love and fate and all those hullabaloos….who is my boss to not!

I hated that almost everyone I knew who was working felt like their job was their dream, except me, until I noticed that it really was not. That they only said it because the whole world wants them to!

I quit my work and sat down to work on what makes me happy…..I have never looked back since!

In other news, if this Game of Thrones guy kills any more important people….I will call for a revolution to kick him out as the writer! 


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