You can live for days without water but not a day without hope…anonymous.

A house without a girl is like a river without a source….Margret. A Ogola

These are the words of famous book by the late Margret A Ogolla that looks at the lives of 4 generation of women and how they molded the destiny of their family.

I was asked to write about women recently as part of my tutorial process to writing…I must admit I’m more adept to reading than writing…guess that’s my part in this play called life but then again it takes bravery to change and so let this be a start.

Women: by Thomas Sankara.

Sorry I hadn’t introduced myself….name indicated above…no relations to one Pan Africanist with the similar name… but not to digress. Women to me are a source of happiness, inspiration, misery and tragedy as told in folklore, plays and written in history.

I have had happy moments with them and from a tender age…I remember my first time in a learning institution I was in pre unit don’t know what they are called this days with the finals and all…seriously graduation for Nursery kids but that’s a different story. So back to pre-unit if it wasn’t for the girl next to me I think I wouldn’t have loved school…being a tiny boy then I believe she was my armor then. As I had never been to any learning institution and all I learnt till then was the product of my fast tedious mother I wouldn’t have known how to react…she was the class bully then and by saying goes she bullied me too but she made me love school cause at least I knew no one else would pick on me I and the only way I could make her feel tiny was to do better than her in class…

Fast forward to Class 4…still a tiny dude but at least could now hold my own…the bully was still there but now I started noticing her differently…don’t know if it was her boobs or her hips but I couldn’t stop looking at her…It was also during this period that 2 other lady entered into my life…She supported me through Primary school financial and one made me pass Primary school my benefactor and class teacher respectively…Then come high school. Then I had dreams of being a priest till my second year but thanks to a light skinned Kisii girl 2 years my senior behind some toilets I lost all innocence and with it that dream….ah…the memory of that outing….it was during this moment through another woman I meet another who will remain my rose flower with all the essence and thorn. My aunt introduced me to her neighbour’s daughter and I remember 6 months after this trembling when I asked her to be my girlfriend then…the usual letter writing ensued with the boys2men dedication and Glen Washington lyrics borrowing….come on who didn’t do this in high school? Strangers in the night anyone….Then come Uni and all the things we do in college but then come my guardian Angel she led me out of a dark place in my life of Alcohol amongst other things…it also at this period that I found my writing tutor…savvy girl she is and quiet a looker to….The same Uni gave me the one person who will bring into this world the one girl who will define the rest of my existence in life….and now working my mentor is a very knowledgeable lady who is firm but also supportive.

All this is not to say that men haven’t influenced my life they have but let’s say my life is a river and the sources vary but think the water I have gotten from women have shaped my life a lot and believe they still will…though we might never agree on some things but if asked to talk about women all I can say is that they are the source of hope of better things downstream as I journey through this river of life towards the mouth …My namesake so many things in women but most of all he saw them as the hope that binds society together and that for me is enough to describe a woman.